The eight best android apps for cooking

Apps for cooking

The eight best android apps for cooking

If you think that you have already abused enough of the apps to order food at home from your quiet mobile: there is an alternative. Apps for learning to cook and recipes have been gaining popularity in recent years. As more people have become aware of the need to maintain a proper diet.

Today, there are many apps for Android to learn how to cook. However, not all of them are worth it, and only a few actually deliver what they promise. In this selection, we wanted to collect the best ones that you can download to prepare your own dishes, and in the process take advantage of that Xiaomi rice-making robot that you bought for Christmas.


Best cooking apps

No wonder this app has been chosen as one of the best in its category by Google Play editors. Cookpad is a fantastic “virtual recipe book” that houses nearly 3 million cooking recipes.

Among its functions, there is the possibility of saving recipes from other people that we follow. Planning our next meals thanks to the Kitchen Plan. And of course, seeing the process of each recipe in detail so that learning to cook is much easier.

Oh She Glows

Oh, She Glows is the only paid application in this compilation. But I assure you that the 2.39 euros it costs are well worth it. Especially for those who are looking for healthy recipes focused on a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

The app is endorsed by author Angela Liddon and includes some of the best vegan-friendly food-based cooking recipes. The app has filters to make searching for our next dish much easier. The recipes are explained step by step, including high-quality images that represent each of the more than 150 dishes available.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

In AllRecipes Dinner Spinner the community is everything. This recipe application offers a feed with those recipes that are best valued by the rest of the platform’s users, in addition to learning about our tastes as we mark more dishes as favorites.

One of its most interesting functions, beyond the explanatory videos of each of the recipes. The possibility of showing those foods that are on sale in stores near our location, in order to recommend the cheapest recipes.


Who doesn’t know Tasty’s dishes by now? If you’ve ever wanted to emulate the delicious dishes –at least in terms of appearance– prepared by the folks at BuzzFeed, you can do so with the official Tasty mobile app, with more than 3,000 different recipes explained step by step, and with the ability to save recipes and filter by ingredients.


The premise of Nooddle is probably one of the most interesting of all the apps to learn to cook available on Android: cook only with what you have on hand, without having to go shopping before starting to prepare a dish.

Through a search system based on ingredients, the application will show us a list of healthy recipes, which can be made using only the ingredients that we have on hand in the fridge or pantry. Most can also be done in around 20 minutes or less. This way you save money while reducing food waste. All advantages.

Kitchen Stories

With over a million downloads on Google Play, Kitchen Stories is one of the most popular mobile cooking recipe apps. It stands out, above all, for its careful design in which simplicity of use and ease of following the process of each of the thousands of available recipes prevail.

All the available dishes are simple to carry out, and illustrative photos, videos, and step-by-step instructions are also included. If you decide to stick with just one app to learn how to cook on your mobile, I’m afraid this should be your choice.


Another app specially created for vegans is Vegamecum. In it, it is possible to find thousands of recipes 100% suitable for vegans. Made with vegetable ingredients, and free of dairy or eggs.

Like other apps in its category, Vegamecum offers detailed processes for each recipe, nutritional information for each dish, as well as an integrated shopping list where we can store those ingredients that we need to acquire to prepare our next dishes.


And if all of the above is not enough for you, what better way to end this selection of cooking apps than with Yummly. An application that brings together more than 2 million recipes from some of the most popular cooking portals in the world. It shows them step-by-step guides, videos, and images. The possibility of adding personalized diet plans. In addition to eliminating those ingredients to which we suffer some type of allergy.

The app is free, and one of its main peculiarities is the inclusion of an integrated voice assistant that. The “Hey Yummly” command, will allow us to move between the different steps of each recipe, and the list of ingredients or even start and end timers.

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