Seven creative ideas to improve your website

Design of your website

Seven creative ideas to improve your website

Do you want to refresh the design of your website? Do you want to know how to create a creative web page that captivates the people who visit it? These ideas will help you start your transformation journey.

Useful ideas to create interesting web pages

Make your site look interactive

Creative for your website

Consider integrating original videos; moving images (such as GIFs); tours in 360 degrees or even rollovers (brief information that is displayed when you pass the mouse or finger over an element of the website). Everything in relation to your brand, your products, or your services.

Interactive elements are in fashion and offer a unique experience to website visitors. However, it is important not to overuse these resources because they can also tire the eyes of users.

Create Personalized Messages

Let your visitors know how much you care about them by sending them an email when they finish browsing your website. For example, you can invite them to “sign your guestbook” by putting their email address on a form so they can receive information later. This is a clever way to get information for later email marketing.

After implementing some tactics to get information and send personalized messages to your visitors. Don’t forget to review the metrics and ask your users what their experience was like. So you can adjust what they are not convinced about and improve their experience.

Remember that people who browse the web enjoy being served and listened to. So surprise your visitors with an online site that offers them what they are looking for. While their expectations are exceeded.

Adjust Aesthetics Periodically

You can change the design template completely, as many times as you want. If you use a content manager or website builder like GoDaddy.

Now, you also don’t need to make deep changes continuously, since you can modify small aspects on a weekly basis, for example by writing new articles on your blog or changing the colors or images within the site.

The important thing is to show recurring visitors that you are aware of the website, always keeping the image of your brand or business fresh.

Encourage Decision-Making And Action

Another idea that works very well in practice is to promote actions within the site. For example, if you have an e-commerce store, add discount coupon codes or the ability for your customers to add items to their wish list that they were unable to purchase on their last visit so that the items are still there when they return. This will make them feel cared for and will also remind them that they left a pending purchase.

Work on the Content

You can experiment with making periodic changes to the header phrases, which are found at the beginning of a module or section of a page, and which are intended to invite your visitors to read more or continue browsing. Keep these phrases short and catchy, almost as if they were slogans.

Be Unique

Something that distinguishes, in the first instance, creative web pages is their originality. Give your website a personality of its own with curious fonts, images taken from unusual angles, or your own videos that have a professional look, or that have been made especially for your business or brand; just to mention a few examples.

This will allow you to ground the benefits of your products or the philosophy of your brand in a unique way, and visitors will thank you by increasing their stay time, as well as returning to find out about your news.

Make Sure It Looks Good on Any Platform

It may not sound very innovative, but do not forget to check that your website works perfectly on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Think of it as if you were browsing a new portal yourself: what would you do if the page looks fine on your laptop, but you can’t read the text on your phone? You would probably get out fast and miss all the important messages from that company.

These are just some ideas so you can improve your company’s website. Remember that a well-done design and a good experience will bring you more potential customers and will surely keep those who already visit you active.

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