Seven best essential free travel apps: world city guides

Best travel apps

Seven best essential free travel apps: world city guides

Traveling is one of the most pleasurable and enriching activities we can experience. That’s why we take advantage of any gap in the calendar to get away and visit new places. However, our time is limited and we must make the most of the visit.

Travel guides are the traveler’s best ally. In the travel section of any bookstore, there are endless options. But now you can have the travel apps directly on your mobile. Where it is easier to navigate between the different options. And you also save a few extra kilos in your suitcase. These are the best travel apps to visit places in the world.

Time Out

Travel apps make your travel easier

Time Out has guides for different cities around the world. Whose content has been selected by the Time Out editorial team? So that you can explore the most interesting corners of the city you have chosen for your trip. Most of the guides are available in English. But there are also some available in several languages. As is the case of Paris, which can be consulted in both French and English.

The best thing about Time Out is the quality of the content and that it is constantly updated. More than city guides, what this app offers is a very careful selection of the most outstanding events and places in the city. With lists of the best things to do on the chosen days such as restaurants, art exhibitions, and much more.

It has a very visual and intuitive interface and a search engine with many filters. So you can choose not only what to do, but also when, where in the city, and even the price of the activity. The drawback of Time Out is that it only covers 37 cities, so if you are going to visit an unusual place, it may not be the app for you.


TripAdvisor is probably the most complete travel service that exists, especially since the recent implementation of hotel reservations, but what interests us, in this case, is the city guides. One of its strengths is that it has guides for hundreds of cities, which can also be downloaded to consult offline -so you save data when you are away from home.

The interface isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it makes up for it with the content. If, for example, you download the Paris guide, you will have access to more than 2,700 interesting plans, from the typical visit to the Eiffel Tower to booking visits to the most impressive palaces in the French capital. It also allows you to book tour tickets and, above all, you will be able to see countless opinions from other travelers to choose the best sites.

Guides by Lonely Planet

The complete Lonely Planet guides are also accessible from the mobile through its official app. Which by the way has a very visual design and offers the most intuitive handling.

As with TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet allows us to download guides that are stored on the device so that we can use them even if we don’t have a connection. It is a very practical function when travel outside of Spain since we can get a good scare with the data rate.

Within the guide for each city, you can locate points of interest directly on the map or consult one of the selections proposed by Lonely Planet. The drawbacks of this app are that it is in English and the list of cities is somewhat reduced, to only 36.


Another tool to carry the guides of your favorite cities on your mobile without spending even a mega of your data rate. With CityMaps you won’t have as much trouble finding your destination guide because it has a wide list of available cities, grouped by country.

The download is somewhat heavy, for example in the case of London it occupies 386 Mb. But in return, you get a very complete guide that covers all the categories of activities that you will need on a trip (restaurants, shopping, nightlife, monuments, shows…).

CityMaps lives up to its name and offers an interactive map with countless points of interest to make it easier to locate places to visit. In addition, you can select only the places that interest you and create your own custom maps.


Wikitude is an augmented reality explorer perfect for discovering nearby places. This service allows us to know our environment through the mobile camera. You can learn more about monuments or places of interest with Wikipedia or TripAdvisor.

With Wikitude, all you have to do is point your mobile camera in the direction you want for points of interest to appear on the map. The bad thing is that due to its operation you will have to use it at the destination and with an Internet connection, since it does not have any offline functions.


The name of this application can cause some confusion. But it is nothing more than a download service for guides to different cities in the world, and a very complete one at that.

As soon as you open Triposo, it asks you where you want to go and the offer of destinations is the widest. When you have chosen the city you want to visit. You can choose whether to consult the guide or download it to view offline. It offers the usual categories (visits, food, nightlife, activities, hotels…). And several practical tools such as the local clock, the weather report, or the currency converter.

It also offers interesting information about the country to visit. Such as the type of plugs, routes to or from the airport, and health advice. The drawback, as in other services of the same type, is that it is in English.


If you are someone who likes guided tours, GetYourGuide is your app. It offers access to countless activities in cities around the world that you can sign up for directly from the app.

GetYourGuide allows you to choose the dates and consult the hundreds of activities and tours available. If you find one that interests you, you can reserve your place in a few taps. There are tours of all kinds; Segway rides, visits to museums, boat tours, gastronomic tours and even going out for drinks at night.

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