How to use bitmoji on snapchat?

How to use bitmoji on snapchat?

Using Bitmoji on Snapchat is quite simple and fun. The integration with the application that creates personalized emojis was recently announced and the stickers can be included in photos, videos and text messages of the app. To have access to the new function, it is necessary to download Bitmoji on your Android or iPhone (iOS) and perform the integration of the two applications. Check out the walkthrough below and find out how to use bitmoji on snapchat.

How to use bitmoji on snapchat

Step 1.Open the Bitmoji app and click on the option “Sign in with Snapchat.” Then, tap on “Create Bitmoji”;

Step 2.  Again, choose the item “Log in with Snapchat,” and then you can start making your avatar.

Choose your character’s gender;

Step 3. Then, choose the preferred avatar style between BitMoji and Bitstrips. Now just select your character’s physical characteristics, such as face shape, skin tone, eye and hair color, and other details. To see all the options available, just scroll down the screen;

Step 4. To access the other options for physical characteristics, press the right arrow. The last option to choose is the shape of the doll’s body.

When you finish the process, click on the icon highlighted below to save the avatar and choose the clothes;

Step 5. On the new screen, scroll down to check the different clothing styles and tap on your favorite.  Then, drag the models to the side and see the options for each collection;

Step 6. After choosing, click on the “check” icon highlighted below.

Bitmoji integration with Snapchat

Step 1. Open the Snapchat app and click on the program icon at the top. On the screen that opens, touch the gear icon on the top right to access the settings;

Step 2. When the settings page opens, touch the option “Bitmoji” and then click on “Create a link to your Bitmoji”;

Step 3. You will be taken to the emoji app and click on “Agree and connect” to continue the process. If you have not yet created your avatar in the application, it will be time to complete the steps in the previous explanation.

If you have already done your Bitmoji, just go back to Snapchat.

How to create Bitmoji on Snapchat?

The first step to being able to start creating and using your own personal Bitmoji on Snapchat is to update Snapchat to the latest version and then download the Bitmoji application. Once you have downloaded and installed Bitmoji on your smartphone, you launch it and log in with a Snapchat account to integrate the two apps. Finally, you start creating your own avatar, looking for the features that are closest to ours.

Those who have already used Bitstrips in the past will know what it is, for all the others just select the customizations of the shape of the face, eyes, mouth, and the color of the complexion, hair, or eyes. The options to customize the Bitmoji are many (also as regards the clothing), so, at the end of your creation, the character should look a lot like you.

When you have finished customizing your Bitmoji, you can save it and start using it on Snapchat. Bitmoji can be sent in chat messages or applied in Snaps. If your Snapchat friends have also linked your account to Bitmoji, you will see a special Friendmoji sticker when you chat or comment on their Snaps.

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