How to sync Facebook contacts android?

How to sync Facebook contacts android?

On Android, and not only, but you can also synchronize your Facebook contacts with those in your address book. Quite often, however, this synchronization is not performed correctly. Here, then, is a useful guide to better understand how to sync Facebook contacts android.

Sync Facebook contacts android with Sync. Me app

On an Android device, you can synchronize your phonebook contacts with your Facebook contacts. Unfortunately, however, the desired result is not always obtained. The images of each contact may not be updated with those of the Facebook profile.

To improve this synchronization and, therefore, to get all the personal information of Facebook contacts (photos, birthdays, email addresses, etc.) on your Android device, you must use a special application. It is called “Sync. Me”.


First of all, it is necessary to understand how to synchronize Facebook contacts on Android without using any application, except Facebook. To do this, you need to access the settings menu of our Android device. Then, you must access the section relating to your account. At this point, a menu will appear in which there are several applications.

You have to select Facebook and then the “Contacts” item. Once this is done, you should start synchronizing your contacts (this operation, therefore, only adds the names with the respective mobile numbers, if any, of all your Facebook friends). Unfortunately, however, this operation does not always add the relevant Facebook profile photo to the contact in the address book.


To perform automatic synchronization of your address book with your Facebook contacts, you need to install the free application called “Sync. Me”. This app allows you to integrate your Android address book with your Facebook friends list. So after installing this app, you have to log in with your Facebook account.

Once this is done, you need to give the application all the necessary permissions. The same, therefore, will perform a scan, at the end of which all the contacts in the two lists will be displayed, namely that of our address book and that of Facebook. “Sync. Me” will automatically link the corresponding accounts. The association of these contacts always remains synchronized thanks to this fabulous application.

In case of problems, ask for help from someone more experienced than you in the Android environment.

Synchronizing Facebook with our Smartphone manually

The first thing we must do is enter the “Settings” option of our Android device. When doing so, we have to look for the option “Accounts” and select it. Then, we enter “Add account.” In doing so, we will notice how a list with the different account options that we can synchronize with our Smartphone is displayed on the device’s screen.

Once in this section, we select Facebook and enter our Login and password, and then we will see that three different options will appear on the screen to synchronize all our contacts.

It is recommended to synchronize in the option “Only synchronize existing contacts. ” In this way, Android will start a search on Facebook, all the contacts with telephone numbers in our Android database, thus achieving a perfect synchronization. But if you want to do another type of synchronization, you can.

Unlink Facebook account

Synchronization is not an irreversible process. Since the moment we want to complete said synchronization, we can do it quickly. To do this, we only have to perform a small procedure that we will describe below:

The first thing we have to do is open the Android Settings menu, then we go to the “Accounts” section, and once there, we must select Facebook. When we carry out this action, we must access the section in which our username is found. When we carry out this action, we will notice that at the bottom of the screen, the option to delete the account will be activated, we select it, hoping that it will be unlinked from our Android.

We must emphasize that this action will unlink the Facebook account from our Smartphone. Still, it will not eliminate Facebook from the device or the authorizations that we have given to other related applications. This must be done manually.

As we can see, it is a simple and fairly fast process, which can be performed by practically any user who has an Android Smartphone.

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