How to save Facebook photo to iPhone

How to save Facebook photo to iPhone

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network in the world. Users registered on the platform can share their thoughts, personal photos, videos and links. The published content can be viewed by our friends and acquaintances, according to the privacy settings. However, there is no limitation for those who wish to download content posted on Facebook. The downloading of photos, for example, can be performed either through a standard browser from the computer, which through a simple smartphone. This process, particularly on an iPhone, happens in a simple and fast way. To better understand how to do it, let’s see together, in detail, how to save Facebook photo to iPhone.

How to save Facebook photo to iPhone?

Download Facebook

First, log in to the Facebook platform with your credentials. Even on the iPhone, access can be done directly from the browser by entering the following link in the address bar However, the best browsing experience will be found with the? Facebook? Application, downloadable from the Apple App Store through the link This app is built in such a way as to improve the mobile browsing experience as much as possible, with features managed in a much more convenient and faster way than the browser version.

Log into Facebook

As we said, to use Facebook, you will need to log in with your credentials. To do this, you will need to have an active account. If you are not yet registered, you can always do it for free by filling in the registration page that will appear first access with your data. Facebook will ask you to enter a password that you can use for future access to the platform. Once registration is complete, you will be ready to use the social network.

Find the photo

Now you can start browsing normally on Facebook until you reach the position where there is the image you want to download on your iPhone. Open it by clicking once with your finger on the photo and wait for the upload to take place completely: when the process is completed, the image will become clear and without grain on the phone screen. Now, to save the photo, long press with your finger on the image you have opened on the screen. After a few moments of pressing, various items will appear on display, which can be selected.

Save the photo

They serve a different purpose; the item you need to select is: save Photo. By pressing your finger on it, you will start the download and, when the operation is complete, Facebook will notify you by showing a blue box at the top of the application. The image will have been automatically saved in the “Photos” folder of your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

After completing the saving, you can also post the photo again on the platform simply by selecting it from all those available on the phone. The process is useful because it allows you to view higher resolution images on your smartphone and keep photos that could later be removed from Facebook.

Take a screenshot of the photo

A very useful alternative for saving images from the Facebook platform, if the item? Save photo? Does not appear on display for various reasons. It is to take a screenshot of the screen. In this case, however, the image quality will not be equal to what we will get by classically saving the photo, but it will still be good.

To take a screenshot of the photo on Facebook, you will naturally have to open the image by clicking on the photo and simultaneously press the Home and that of the ignition of your iPhone. A sound similar to that of the photo taken with the camera will confirm that the image has been captured. The latter will be saved in the “Photos” folder of the iPhone Camera Roll.

Be careful not to re-post photos that may be copyrighted.

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