How to reactivate twitter account? All methods

How to reactivate twitter account? All methods

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world. It is possible that as user incidents happen to you and you should know if they blocked you or caused the suspension of the account. But don’t worry, it is possible to recover my suspended Twitter account if I forget the password.

Currently, social networks like Twitter seek to offer their users a more optimal and safe environment. That is why they are increasingly strict with the rules created to maintain their credibility.

How to reactivate twitter?

There are several reasons why Twitter suspends the account of its users. These include spam content, suspected hacking, or allegations of inappropriate or abusive behavior.

These may not be the only reasons why you are suspended as a user. And for this reason, you could at any time need to recover your suspended Twitter account or recover a suspended TikTok account or recover a suspended Badoo account, since there are even several rules that are shared between these different applications.

It is important to keep up to date with much of the information requested from us in our social media accounts. When an account is created for the first time on Twitter, the application asks us for a series of data to help us verify Telephone numbers and emails.

How to recover your password if the Twitter account is suspended?

To be able to recover your password, you simply access Twitter and go to the part that says log in. But since the password has been forgotten, you must go to the part that says, did you forget your password?

Upon entering this section, you will be taken to a window called Change password, in which a bar will appear with the words Find your Twitter account. There you must enter the email or phone number affiliated with Twitter.

Once you enter the requested data to recover the password, you will receive a message with a code that you must enter the system to verify the verification and change the password.

Now you can update the password to a new one. With the new password, you will try to enter the account normally as you always do. And it is there where you will see that the Twitter account is suspended. You can now conclude that you must take the appropriate measures to be able to reactivate again.

Recover suspended Twitter account

After resetting the forgotten Twitter password, as we have indicated above, when trying to enter the account, you will notice that the platform throws a message indicating that the account is suspended.

So, follow these steps to reactivate your suspended Twitter account. If the suspension is due to suspicious activity when you try to enter Twitter, the system will ask for the email or password of our account and then it will ask for a series of data for authentication.


The email or phone number affiliated with the account will be entered and with the verification code, you will complete the steps to reactivate the account on Twitter.

If your account is suspended for bad behavior, when trying to enter Twitter normally, the platform will notify us of the mistakes we committed. Therefore, you must see if the verification option is active and available since it will be essential for the account’s recovery.

If the option is active, you can normally follow the steps and reactivate the account. So you can then enter and realize that it will show some limitations in the use of the platform.

Now, with an account suspended for some bad behavior, you can also try visualizing if the limitations include that you can no longer give RT and or “Like.” For that, you must check the tweets, RT’s and “I like” that violate the rules or regulations of Twitter so that you know where the fault is.

Otherwise, you want to recover a suspended Twitter account and you do not have any of the options shown above. You will have to appeal to Twitter by entering the account and filling out a form that the platform will provide us with.

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