How to put date on snapchat?

How to put date on snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging application compatible with both Android and iOS systems. The application is available for free in the respective stores and is used to communicate with whoever we want, friends, relatives or it can be used to make new acquaintances. The key feature of Snapchat is that in addition to chatting normally, by sending text messages it is possible to send photos and videos of variable duration, chosen by the user, which will be automatically deleted when the set time expires. The other user will have the chanceto review the photo or video, but only once.

On Snapchat, you can also publicly share photos and videos, which will be available for 24 hours and then automatically deleted. Obviously it is possible to see photos and videos that will publish all the other users that we will follow. Now we will briefly describe some functions of this application and then we will see how to put date on snapchat.

How to put date on snapchat?

We open the store of our phone and in the search bar we write “Snapchat”, select the application and download it. After a few moments, the application will be downloaded and installed on our smartphone. Now it will be sufficient to open it and register, following the instructions on the screen. The procedure is short and will take a few minutes.

How Snapchat Works

Thanks to this application we will have the possibility to chat with our contacts, sending photos and videos of a predetermined duration. There are many filters applicable to our media, with the possibility also to change and distort our voice. As mentioned before, it is also possible to publicly share photos and videos for 24 hours. We will be able to see photos and videos of the contacts that we will add only if they add us accordingly. To add a user on Snapchat you will need to know their username, or we can add users from our phone book. In addition, the same application will provide us with some usernames of possible friends of ours as a “quick add”.

How to add the date on Snapchat

Let’s get to the point, the strong part of Snapchat is sharing photos and videos. So let’s see how to do it best and how to add the date to our media. To be able to put the date on Snapchat, we will simply have to go to the main page and take our photo, swipe right and choose the filter with the date from those available. We press with our finger on the date and we can choose the format of the date itself. That’s it, by doing so we have added the date to our photo or video and we are ready to share our creation with the public or with our friends.

Snapchat Tricks You Sure Didn’t Know About

1. Go back to using filters that are no longer available by changing the date of your cell

What? Yes, you can now have your favorite filters back just by backing up the date on your cell phone. Just look at what date that filter you liked so much came out, and don’t forget to update the date again when you’re done using them!

2. Use and draw with new and secret colors

Check how:

– Draw with white color: Tap the rainbow color slider and drag your finger to the upper left corner. Android users already have white built into the rainbow slider.

– Draw in black: Touch the rainbow slider and drag your finger to the bottom. Android users also already have black.

– Draw in hidden colors: Drag the rainbow slider to the left or to the bottom to use colors that are not available in the palette. You will have many more!

Draw with a transparent color (Android only): Press down on the rainbow slider until the full-color palette appears and select the transparent color. Wow!

3. Use two filters at the same time

You can use a normal filter and a localization filter at the same time. All you have to do is swipe to the left as you would normally add the first filter. Then press and hold the screen with one finger and continue swiping with another finger to add the second filter. Magic!

4. Activate night mode

Do you see a symbol of a moon on your screen? Well, that’s it! This will help you take better photos at night or when you have little light.

5. Add extra color to your photos using emojis

What? How? It’s simple. Choose an emoji with the color you want and zoom in with your fingers until it begins to pixelate on the screen. Then drag the pixelated area over the photo to make it look like a color or gradient filter.

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