How to change your username on twitter?

How to change your username on twitter?

Changing your username on Twitter is simpler than on other social networks, as there are not as many restrictions. If a user is not happy with the name they chose for their profile on this social network at first, they can change it at any time. Twitter allows you to change the username and display name as many times as you want.

How to change your username on Twitter

Twitter has the peculiarity that it has two profile names: the username itself and the display name. The username is the one preceded by an @ and the one used to log in, which also determines the URL of the profile.

On the other hand, the display name is the one that appears highlighted when entering a user’s timeline. Both can be changed, but each has its own rules.

To change the username, you have to access “Settings and privacy” by clicking on the profile. Once there, you have to enter the “Account” section. The first option is “Username”. Within the option, you can change the username.

But you have to take into account certain considerations. First of all, the username can only be 15 alphanumeric characters long and must be original. That is, there cannot be another like it. Doing so can create a bit of confusion with private messages, as the new name will appear for all users, so it may be a good idea to advise.

Also, if it is a verified account, the change of username will cause the blue badge to be lost, so it is necessary to contact Twitter beforehand.

To change the display name, you just have to access the profile and press “Edit profile”. This change is more permissive, and in addition to being 50 characters long, it can be anything and even contain emojis.

How can the name be changed?

  • The first thing, as expected, will be to log into Twitter. There you should go to the section where it says “More options.”
  • The next thing will be to click on the “Settings and privacy” option.
  • You will quickly find the “Account” section and within this, you will have the option of “Username” (it is the first within “Login and security”).
  • There you must put the new name you want to use, press “Save,” and that’s it! The change is done.
  • How to change the name of the Twitter account from the mobile?
  • The procedure to change the username from the mobile is not very different. First, you will have to log in from the browser or the mobile application. There you press on your avatar.
  • A tab will be displayed, where you will press the option “Settings and privacy.”
  • Inside, you will find several options and the one we are looking for is the one that says “Account, “just below your username.
  • When you press there, you will find the “Username” tab, enter it.

Finally, you can enter your new username and press “Save ” for the change to take effect.

How to put symbols in Twitter username?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to put symbols in your username on Twitter. Only alphanumeric characters (natural letters and numbers) are allowed for usernames, with the small exception of the underscore. However, it is possible to use the symbols you want within your visible name.

If you do it from your mobile, it is as simple as editing your profile name and inserting the symbols you want from the keyboard. On the other hand, to insert the symbols from the computer, you will have to look for them on a page, copy them and paste them into the “Name” section. How to change the email of my Twitter account?

The first three steps to change the email of your Twitter account are the same as changing your username; You must log in, click on “More options,” and from there go to “Settings and privacy.” However, the option “Email” will be found in two positions below “Username.”

There, press where it says “Update email address.” For security reasons, you will need to re-enter your password before clicking “Next.” Enter your new email address, check or uncheck the box as appropriate, and then hit “Next.”

Enter the code that should have arrived in your inbox and click “Verify.” Ready! You can now log in with this email, use it to change your password, or receive email notifications.

Now you can keep your Twitter account up to date, with the email that is most comfortable for you, a username according to your brand, and your real name visible. It doesn’t hurt to remind you how important a good image is on social networks to gain the public’s trust. So keep optimizing your accounts as much as possible.

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