How to add filters on snapchat?

How to add filters on snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging platform much appreciated by its users thanks to multiple filters. The latter manages to embellish the various messages sent, making them more and more original and intriguing. In the following lines, we show you how to add filters on snapchat. You have numerous choices at your disposal. There is nothing left to do but take a look at our simple tips.

How to add filters on snapchat?

The first idea that we show you to add filters on Snapchat concerns activating the localization. You can do this with both an Android device and an iOS device. Enter the Settings and press the Snapchat icon. If you have an iPhone / iPad, simply go to Location and then use the App. If you have the other devices, press the Authorizations and Precise Location. A few seconds and you have activated this very interesting filter.

Generally, add the Filters option

Do you want something more? You can go directly to the Filters option and have a wide range at your complete disposal. Enter Snapchat and press the ghost icon at the top left to access your profile. Then, go to the gear and then to Manage preferences. Now you just have to press the Filters button. This way, you have the chance to add filters on Snapchat without any kind of limitation.

Opt for multiple filters

Keep discovering with us how to add filters on Snapchat. If you want to take a snap, press the appropriate button in the shape of a circle. Go left or right to find the filters that interest you. On the right are the filters, while on the left are the traditional ones. Press and hold the snap and add the first filter. Continue to press your finger on the monitor. In the meantime, scroll through the various filters and choose the ones you like best. At most, you can enter three, from colored ones to temperature passing through times.

Insert emojis

Nowadays, modern emoji faces represent an inevitable element in social networks. After taking the photo, go to the Snicker button at the top right, pictured with a sheet with a folded corner. Now press the bottom right, where the smiley face icon is located. A large collection of emojis will appear, among which you will select your favorite. Move it and check the dimensions, spreading two fingers on the face or not. Have a filter be created from the edges of your image.

Use the lenses

Here is the last option we show you to add filters on Snapchat. Change the direction of your camera by pressing the rotating camera icon. Press on the central part of the screen to open the lenses. Take a look at the various effects available, some of which will require certain movements. Now you just have to take the photo with your favorite filter. Then, you can add the other filters to your liking, from emojis to texts passing through drawings and stickers. Finally, share by going to send to. Simple, isn’t it?

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