Free applications to edit and make video montages

Applications for edit videos

Free applications to edit and make video montages

Thanks to these applications, the user will be able to add music to their videos, join clips, and add backgrounds, and animated transitions.

Mount videos with explanations for students, for jobs, and even create memories of vacations or trips. Thanks to these free applications you can edit videos from your mobile phone.


Free applications you can edit videos

With a multitude of formats available, you can add text to photos or clips chosen from your phone’s gallery, change typography colors and fonts, insert a song, and finally adjust and crop the video for a better view. before posting it on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network.


It contains 1,000 songs, more than 5,000 stickers and filters, text, audio, emojis, and backgrounds, among other features, specially designed for YouTube and TikTok. It is a good option for beginners who want to edit videos and create presentations or slides in minutes, combining photos and clips and even adjusting the speed. In addition, it allows you to add a watermark with the name and export the video in HD.

GoPro Quick

The official application to edit videos created with a GoPro camera is easy to use since it has automatic editions. It presents specific characteristics for this type of images such as special transitions, exclusive music, and adapted filters. Likewise, it allows you to play with color and light, cut the length of the clip, add labels, speed up or slow down, etc.

video shows

It stands out for its ready-to-use themes that have transitions, filters, and music. However, the user can also add the sound effects, the voiceover, and the stickers that he wants. When it comes to sharing your creations on social networks, you can use the square themes and the no crop mode, compress the video to reduce its size, and even convert the video’s soundtrack to an mp3 file.

you cut

Putting together several video clips and photos, trimming them, adding text and emojis, choosing effects, adding music, and recording voiceover are just some of the possibilities it offers. It’s ideal for editing videos for YouTube or Instagram: it includes more than 30 transitions with fast and slow motion, and the option to choose the resolution to compress and convert the creation (supports up to 4K).


The possibility of this application for iOS devices is numerous. It has 14 templates to make trailers and customize them with a name, logo, and credits; it also integrates ten video filters and different transition scenarios to give the clip a break. As for the assembly of pieces, it is very simple: just load the desired content (video, photo, or song) from the gallery or music application and drag it to the project creation panel. All the movies created are saved within the app (as long as the user wants it that way) and it gives the option of sharing it in its entirety or just a piece, on different platforms.

live video

It is ideal for beginners as it includes mini-tutorials to create the first video in the app step by step. Allows you to divide the film into four, six, or nine different grids; in turn, personalized watermarks can be added with the logos that are selected. On the other hand, it allows you to modify the brightness, contrast, and tone of the video and has artistic filters, allowing you to move, zoom in and out of the desired part of the clip and choose between different visual effects such as thunder, rainbows or rain. The app is free but supports purchases and subscriptions to access unlimited content.


The first step to making a good movie with this app is to select the editing style that suits your needs. Among its features you can find the possibility of creating a collage with videos, incorporating sound or music effects, and complementing it with different visual tricks and filters. It has numerous examples of already assembled video clips that work as a guide for inexperienced users.


Not only does it work as a video editor, it also has enough qualities to customize images and sounds. It enables the option of extracting audio from the clips of other users of the app and converting the BSO of the video created into an mp3 file. As for its design and customization possibilities, it has frames of different colors and patterns, stickers, filters, effects, stickers, and even blurred backgrounds. Another of its peculiarities is to include the rotation option in the videos: rotate it 90 degrees, horizontally and vertically. It allows sharing the film on some social networks such as TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, among others.


Merge videos, images, texts, and special effects. Likewise, it has voice modifiers, audio recordings, tricks, equalization adjustments, and background music to produce a good sound within the video montage. Through the options that it includes, it allows you to adjust the video with trimming tools, incorporate clip graphics or control the speed in slow or fast mode. With a wide variety of filters and colors, it has a free option, but it gives the subscription option to get unlimited premium content.

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