Easy Way to Install Basket on Beach Cruiser Bike

Install Basket on Beach Cruiser Bike

Easy Way to Install Basket on Beach Cruiser Bike

When people going to install baskets on beach cruisers sometimes, they face some difficulties. This is a how-to article and we are going to explain an easy to install basket on a beach cruiser bike.

So, today we’re going to show you how to put on a basket on a beach cruiser when purchasing the basket, and you have to make sure that you are given and all the parts are included.

Tools That You Need

So, you can put on your baskets with a lot of ease and everything that you need you can manage all in a table but you just need to use proper tools.

When you are going to install a basket, some tools you must need to arrange otherwise you can’t do tasks easily and perfectly.

Here we have our two brackets for example and the longer one that bolts onto the bottom of your axle wheel and the smaller one here falls onto the top of your fork, make sure you also have two sets of nuts and bolts and two brackets to make sure that the basket is on there correctly.

Two they’re going to need for this project or a 13-millimeter wrench instead of Allen keys and at the one-and-a-half-inch crescent ranch.

First Step

The first step, there is you need to put on your basket is to loosen up your stem. Once you just going to try you just need to take it out and place it on the side of the bike. So, it’s out of the way for a second and that’s the starting.

So, this is next to the bike and the next step is with your one-inch crescent wrench. Just loosen up the top of the screw on the headset itself.

If you buy a low-quality bike you may suffer a lot so when you are going to buy a bike you should be trying to get the best beach cruiser and that’s for your safety.

The next step is to, this is up to you and could either leave the washer that’s there or take it off and just place another one on there and see if you see both of these kinds of services for the same purpose.

They’re both circles and they have this little tooth there that goes around the back of here. As you can see and the plates in their conditions or its purpose is to keep the bottom screw here from tightening up while you tied in pressure with this and try to fit it properly.

So, I find that there’s usually not enough room and now the next choice that you have is either put in the bracket facing up or facing down.

So, this kind of gives you a little bit of room to play with this one place and the basket, a little bit lower, and this one a little bit higher, as you can see, I like to put it this way and because it puts the basket up a little bit and another further away from the tire from hitting the tire in the bottom.

Next, here you need to just tighten up and need to replace the things on a top side and that are folks on losing next place or put back the stem.

So, I understand and make sure they use them as parallel and straight with your frame and your tire before your time.

Second Step

The next step is to place the longer bracket on the axle of your tire and wheel. Please just start by using your 15-millimeter wrench by loosening the bolts.

So, when you going to off and just plays in the break-in between the axle and then putting that back on the wheel. Some other types of baskets may screw onto the frame using a 10-millimeter screw.

This one just bolt on right to the actual, every wheel I bought onto like screws and you see here, and all you would do is just bolt on this part, this bracket to that part of the frame and this.

The basket and this is not easy and all you’re doing is put in the bracket on the middle of your axle on the wheel, and then you do the same with the opposite side.

Third Step

In the third and final steps we’re going to, there’s a basket and you need to focus on the brackets that we already installed and make sure that the reflectors are out of the way.

So, you may need to loosen that and just get that out of the way for a second and I used to start with the top and you have to use this longer bracket that it comes with to give the schools more pressure, to be able to tighten.

So, this break, and we’re just going to get the screws that it comes with endpoint and I’m just tying it to the basket. As you can see the cables of your bike, if your bike has brakes on them might get in the way you just have to work around them.

Once it’s placed on there, you have to put them in a place where they’re not getting in the way, or your basket is not shutting the cables and preventing you from stopping correctly and it’s also important for bike riding safety.

Finally, I’m going to use the last bracket with the little curve and the bottom part you just need to adjust. This one here goes into it and the section here that would fit right into the curve of the long bracket.

Now you need to measure where you want your basket to go to has there are three holes in the basket that allows you to fit it.

There are we’re going to use the first two ones, cause that’s just where it seems to go naturally and just play the screws It.

Now you’re good to go. Now we’re going to try to get this cable out of the way. So, they are not being stopped to work correctly. Let’s put them this way.

Because you need to check it all just need to tighten all the bolts and other parts of the basket and that’s the brackets and on the wheel axle.

So, you need to get your own way and now this basket can probably hold anywhere between 50 and 75 pounds.

Now you need to recheck all and we think you find all things nice and tight and as you can see since we use the top, so we put the headset bracket a little bit higher and the basket fits in here pretty freely without touching the brakes, it also not touching the wheel.


When you going to assemble a cruiser bike somewhat you must need to install the basket but installing a basket sometimes becomes a little bit tricky. Here in this article, we are hardly trying to give you the right solution to do it easily.

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